Overlay in Paralenz Vaquita Overlay in Paralenz Vaquita

Overlay in Paralenz Vaquita

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  • The overlay function is available in Paralenz Vaquita from 21.05.21505 firmware. 
  • The overlay cannot be enabled in 4K60fps, 4K50fps, 1080p240fps, 1080p200fps, 1080p120fps, 1080p100fps, 720p240fps, 720p200fps, 720p120fps, and 720p100fps.
  • The overlay is showing only on videos and not pictures.

When the overlay feature is enabled, it will show two (or one) lines of data in the footage's right bottom corner. 

You can choose between the following data to be displayed: 

- depth
- temperature
- dive time
- ascent/descent speed
- date
- time of day
- date and time 

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