Updating firmware on Paralenz Vaquita (manually and via the app) Updating firmware on Paralenz Vaquita (manually and via the app)

Updating firmware on Paralenz Vaquita (manually and via the app)

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1) Insert a SanDisk micro SD card in your computer via an SD card reader.
2) Download and save the latest firmware into the SanDisk micro SD card. Click here for the latest firmware.
3) Turn on your Vaquita camera.
4) Transfer the SanDisk micro SD card into your Vaquita camera.
5) The camera will now download the firmware. The screen will show "Updating...camera will restart".
    Do not move the selector ring or activation switch at this stage.
6) Wait for the camera to restart on its own (the display will be black for approx 1 min).
7) You are all set. Always ensure you download the latest firmware before your next dive.

Make sure that your camera has at least 50% power.
The SD card should also be cleared from any footage and should have at least 250 MB of space left.
We recommend the SanDisk Extreme micro SD card 32GB and above.
Make sure that the file does not have a “ (1) “ or similar before the .plf (e.g. vaquita_21.30.11358(1).plf).



1) Open the Paralenz App.
2) On the “My Page”, tap on the Camera icon on the top right.
3) Tap the “Vaquita“ button at the bottom.
There will be a notification on the top of the page about firmware being downloaded (it will be gone quickly).
4) Follow the instructions on the app to connect your phone to your camera. Detailed instructions here.
5) Tap the “Connect” button at the bottom.
6) A notification will appear if your camera needs a firmware update.
Make sure not to move the selector ring and/or activation switch until the camera restarts on its own.
7) You are all set. Ensure to regularly connect your camera with the app to get the latest updates.

Make sure that your camera has at least 50% power.
Ensure your phone is connected to the Internet.

If you have any questions or troubles with the update process, make sure to let us know at support@paralenz.com.





(22.32.21349) - Released in August 2022

- Auto WB is now handled through DCC (if using external lights make sure to set the kelvins in WB) 

- Camera version in LOGS


(22.07.50954) - Released in March 2022

- GNSS Autonomous Assistance
- Will improve Time To First Fix (TTFF) in many cases.


(22.02.51015) - Released in February 2022

- Russian added to available languages
- Minor corrections: Korean
- Fixed default video quality



- It is now possible to use the camera when a charger is connected

- DCC improvements for some Asian regions

- German and Korean added to available languages



- Reduced power consumption, when the camera is turned off

- Increased still picture resolution to 12MP

- Use video settings for Snap recording

- Shorter activation time for recordings and menus

- Chinese language added to available languages



- DCC fixed (colors flickering)

- Prevent recording when USB is connected The camera is not able to save video data when it is connected with a USB cable.

- Reduce audio input volume - a temporary solution until the audio is fixed

- Auto-record bug fix - the camera was not stopping the recording 



- European frame rates added (25/50/100/200)
- Depth calibration moved to the top of the settings menu
- Improved user feedback in case of failed recording attempt
- Bug fixes and stability improvements



- Video quality improvements

- Fix garbled overlay graphics

- Disabled Overlay in 4K60fps and 1080p240fps

Please note that the battery time still stays the same as below. 



- Video quality improvements
- 720p resolution available
- h.264 codec used for all video recordings
- Split video files at 2GB

- Media viewer temporarily removed

PLEASE NOTE: Because of video quality improvements, recording time has been reduced for some resolutions. Optional lower video quality, for longer recording time, will be added in a later release.

For now, the recording time is as follows: 

720P 30 ~3h
1080P 30 ~2h 20'
1080P 60 ~2h
2.7K 30 ~2h 20'
2.7K 60 ~1h 10'
4K 30 ~2h 10'
4K 60 ~1h



- Overlay feature added



- UI when charging (charging symbol shows for the first 10 mins, then disappears again)

- improved firmware update UI 



- fixed freezing bug (when short pressing in video mode)



- first release - no changelog 

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