Transferring footage to the app Transferring footage to the app

Transferring footage to the app

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For all Paralenz cameras, we recommend removing the end cap and keeping the camera close to your phone device.



1) Connect your Paralenz camera to the app (see instructions here)

2) The app should open up on the "Camera" tab and start fetching footage from your camera

Otherwise, go to the "Download" tab at the top 

3) Choose the dive you wish to import

4) Click the "Import All" button - a notification with the percentage progress should show up 

Please note that thumbnails of the footage are not available at this stage

5) Once done, the footage will be visible in the "Dives" tab of your app 

Please note, that if you're still connected to the Paralenz Wifi, the footage might not show. 

You should then disconnect from the Paralenz Wifi and refresh the app - the footage should be showing afterward. 


If you are trying to import larger files (e.g. recorded in 4K or 2,7K), please be aware that it might take much longer, as the files hold great amounts of data and are much larger than e.g. 1080p files. 



For this option, you'll need to use your computer in order to upload the footage. 

1) Open your Paralenz App and make sure that you're logged in/signed in (in the Profile tab)

2) Go to the Camera tab and click "send link" to receive it on your email or go directly to the link

3) Choose which camera you wish to upload from and the instructions will show


It's very important to upload the full folder (including footage and dive logs). 

Please note that if you have deleted singular dive logs from the SD card, the upload might show errors. 


In case of any troubles with the import process, make sure that your camera has the most recent firmware and that the app is up to date. 

For any questions or assistance, you can contact us here.

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