Setting time and date Setting time and date

Setting time and date

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When receiving the camera, the time and date might be incorrect. 

It can be corrected by using the GPS function in the camera. 

You should take your camera outside, turn it on and set it to the Position mode - it will show "finding location". 

It's important to do this in an "open" area - with not too many trees or buildings. 

The GPS fix might take approx. 5-10 mins.

Once this is done, the camera will have the correct date and time set on the camera.

If the time zone needs to be adjusted - go to Settings > Advanced > Time/Date > Time zone and choose the correct UTC for your location. 


Please be aware that the date and time will be reset when the battery discharges fully. 

If you experience the reset in another condition - please make sure to let us know here

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