What makes Paralenz camera different? What makes Paralenz camera different?

What makes Paralenz camera different?

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The Paralenz Dive Camera is the first action camera developed for divers, by divers.

The following are the 12 key features of the camera that makes it stand out from others: 

No need for color filters!

The Paralenz Dive Camera knows how deep you are, and adjusts the colors of your recordings, as you descend. This means, that you do not need any color filters or correct your white balance! – the camera controls this automatically.

Depth and temperature in your videos!

Equipped with a temperature and pressure sensor, the Paralenz Dive Camera can display the information in your videos and pictures.

Log your dives and share your footage!

Paralenz Dive App, allows you to keep track of your dives, dive profiles, dive statistics, improvements etc., and easily share your adventures with your friends.

No Additional Housing!

A flooded housing is a thing of the past - a tough and durable design combined with quality waterproofing, lets the Paralenz Dive Camera reach depths of 200M/21ATM with no extra housing.

For Divers, By Divers!

The Paralenz Dive Camera is designed and created upon the knowledge and feedback from 250 divers in 38 countries, testing the camera in all conditions from the icy waters of Antarctica, to the beaches in the Caribbean.

Keep Your Gloves On!

The Paralenz Dive Camera features vibration feedback that confirms your selection. The specially designed housing and magnetic switches allow easy control even with gloves.

Tougher Than Most!

The Paralenz Dive Camera housing is designed to withstand the use and abuse on a dive boat. Military grade aluminum, and extra waterproofing makes this the world’s first action camera to reach more than 200m/656 ft.

Compact and Easy to use!

The Paralenz Dive Camera is designed to be an integrated part of your gear. It features “adaptable” switches It offers easy clip on mounting options.

Extra Battery Insulation!

The Paralenz Dive Camera is built with a battery insulation that minimizes battery discharge. This lets you focus more on the filming and less on the charging. Plenty of battery for two dives.

Low light? Still Bright!

The Paralenz Dive Camera features a Sony sensor larger than in most action cameras. This results in great detail and contrast, even in low light.

Snap Record!

Press the button once to take a picture and hold to record. This makes switching between taking pictures and recording easy. No need to handle gigabytes of data, you only record what you want and can share it right after your dive.

Include yourself in your videos!

The Paralenz 3rd-person-viewer adds a whole new dimension to recording underwater video. Use this unique camera accessory as your own personal “camera man” to include yourself in the video while you enjoy the dive.

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