Paralenz+ not turning on Paralenz+ not turning on

Paralenz+ not turning on

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1) While connecting to the charger, the camera gives a signal, yet it is not possible to turn it on 

In this case, the activation switch (either rusty magnet or inactive) is most likely the issue. 

Please get in touch with us here to proceed with the repair process. Do not self-service the camera without our instructions (it will void the warranty). 

2) After attempting to update the firmware, the camera stopped responding at all 

If that happens, please do not worry - there is an easy solution to this. 

Please follow these steps carefully:

  • Format your SD card using the exFAT32-format (128kb)
  • Download the newest firmware version from here
  • Put the firmware.bin file on an empty SD card (make sure the file is not named firmware(1).bin etc.)
  • Insert SD card with firmware to the camera
  • Connect the camera to a charger
  • Hold activation switch for 20 sec. (not shorter!)
  • When you let go, the camera will download the firmware (the logo will appear and disappear)
  • Pull the activation switch again - the camera will install the firmware
  • Next time you pull the activation switch, the camera will turn on

3) The camera is connected to charging, but no signal appears/display blinks briefly

In this case, make sure that:

  • You are using a cable with USB-C on one end and a standard USB on the other. If you use a cable with USB-C on both sides - it will not charge the camera! 
  • Your charging adapter/cube supports at least 2.0A or more. If the power is too weak, the camera will have trouble charging. 

4) There is no signal from the camera, and it stopped working without any reason 

It would help if you tried performing the method from point 2 here as well. It is not promised to work - but it is worth a try!  

If that, however, doesn't work - please make sure to write us an email - and we will make sure that this issue has been taken care of. 

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