Paralenz+ freezing/getting stuck Paralenz+ freezing/getting stuck

Paralenz+ freezing/getting stuck

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NOTE: The quality and speed of the sd card are crucial. 

To see a list of recommended SD-card, see this article.

 If you are having troubles with the camera not saving your footage, it is essential to: 

  1. Confirm that you use the correct SD card (see above article)
  2. The SD card is formatted from time to time (approx. every 3rd time it’s cleared). You can find instructions here (link for SD card format)
  3. You have the most recent firmware (link to update)

There are four reasons why the camera might be freezing: 

An incorrect SD card is being used 

Solution: use a recommended SD card

The camera freezes while recording 

Solution: Turn the selector ring to Power and hold the activation switch for 10 sec.

The camera freezes on Power mode or when changing the modes. An image cable most likely causes it

Solution: the camera needs to be sent back to our office for inspection and repair. Make sure to contact us here.

The camera is tough to turn on, the selector ring is not moving smoothly, and it might seem frozen. Rusty magnets would most likely cause it. Please do not take the camera apart; instead, write us a message, and we will provide the needed help.

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