Using Auto-Record function Using Auto-Record function

Using Auto-Record function

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The auto-record function will allow you to start recording (hands-free!) at a designated depth. 

It is a useful feature, especially when you do not need to add another task to your focus list. 

In order to turn the function on, you should go to Settings > Auto Rec. where you will have a choice between 0.3/0.9/1.5 meters (1/3/5 ft.). Hold the activation switch to choose the desired depth.

Now, off to the next step! Once you are ready to jump into the water - turn the camera on, turn the selector ring to Video mode, and simply jump in! The moment you reach the chosen depth, the camera will start recording. 

The video will stop when you hit the chosen depth again. 


Note: If you are a freediver/spearfisher - the camera will start to record the next time you submerge again.

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