What SD card to use? What SD card to use?

What SD card to use?

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Samsung micro-SD cards are not supported!


The SD-cards we recommend and have tested to perform the best are: 

  • Sandisk Extreme Series
  • Sandisk Extreme PRO Series
  • Sandisk Extreme PLUS Series

We recommend the minimum speed rating of the micro SD-card to be U3.

The U3 rating on SD-cards looks like this and is found as shown in the picture below (the red ring):


The maximum supported size is 128GB.

The Paralenz Dive Camera will only perform as well as its Micro SD memory card allows it to. If the SD-card is not U3 rated, we can't guarantee the performance, and you may experience freezing problems, especially when recording in higher definitions or footage not saving.  

Be careful with fake SD cards. See this article for more information. 

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