Problem with videos not being saved




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    The newest firmware "1.30" has issues and will not save in many cases to SD card even though recommended card is in use.


    Edit - after extensive testing "not diving", the 1.32 firmware will write reliably to a 128gb card all the way to full. 

    I tried it with different settings. 

    One full battery charge gets through about 40 percent of the sd card when shooting 2.7k @ 60fps and needs recharging twice  to fill The card.

    No crashes, all seems to work perfect.... I have not yet dove with it to compare DCC changes. 

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    Eric G

    I downloaded the firmware from the hidden link (no indication it was a link), but after copying to one of the approved SD cards, and after going through the upgrade firmware process, it still says version 1.2.1.  

    I just bought this camera, it worked for one dive, all I did was turn it off in between dives, on the same boat one hour later I used it for the second dive and it did not save any of those videos.  There was still plenty of room on the SD card, even after copying all the videos to my PC so with an empty card, it still does not work. 

    This was on a trip to Indonesia (from the US) that cost my wife and I just under 17K USD, for my 60th bday.  Just mentioning this because it added to the disappointment.

    Also, the app for the iphone does not link to the camera, it keeps losing the connection so I can do nothing.  This when the camera is right next to the phone.  Also, the USB cable does not work - the instructions say to select "data" when plugging in the camera but it does not give me an option to select data, it just says "charging".

    So far, nothing has worked with this camera, except the first dive.  I want a refund!

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    Eric G

    I should have bought a gopro!

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    It's true the firmware needs more bake time before releasing but so far I'm very pleased with 1.32.

    I would suggest testing before using another firmware update and I like to save my old firmware.bin file just in case.

    I use a card reader and put the firmware file on the root "no subdirectories" of the SD card, then move the card back to the camera.

    Turn on the camera and watch till it turns off "it loaded the firmware" .
    Then turn on again and watch till it turns off "it installed it"

    Then when I turn on again it should respond normally and I go confirm the firmware is indeed the newer version in settings/advanced.

    In the future when in use, Always watch your SD amount remaining.... It should always be dropping as you are adding more videos etc "pictures may be slower to drop".

    I'll continue testing 1.32, but after 3 days not one flaw so far while surface testing!

    As far as go pro, it's a great surface camera but all my go pro friends want one of these after seeing the video!
    If allowed I'll place a link to see 32 of them.

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    I’m so disappointed in this camera, after all that hype on how good it was, just to get a sale, I would like my money back in full, or I will take this matter further, you have knowingly made false endorsements about this product, and you have blatantly lied time and time again, giving false hope to those who complain, P.S. word of mouth is a powerful tool and so is Facebook. Either fix it, replace it, or money refunded.

    a cop of this letter is being filed and you have seven days to reply

    D Hamilton

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    What firmware you running?
    I give them. A little grace realizing the DCC technology is unique.
    The 1.32 firmware seems to be flawless so far.
    After watching my videos, I could never go back.
    Check out these videos from. 1.30 version.

    And 1.32 is an improvement upon that.
    I haven't had any more issues of fake recording or crashes.

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    Hi, I would just be happy if the thing would just take a photo or video, but most of all be reliable, I’ve no trust in it at all

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    Sorry I have the latest firm wear installed.

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    Must be a dud, I’ve had a friend of mine who is a professional photographer look at it, not impressed, the camera itself is good quality, however the firmwere is crap

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    Make sure you have
    1. 1.32 firmware
    2. Approved SD card class 10 U3, these high resolution videos won't save if the bandwidth of the card is too slow to gobble up the video bring sent to it while filming.
    3. Reformat "using the camera to do it" your SD card.
    4. If you aren't getting stellar results after that then yes you have a dud.

    But it's not fair for someone to hold it and say "I'm not impressed" when it needs no housing and uses magnetic switching and is stealthy enough to fit anywhere.

    Vendors who talk like that won't make any money from. You buying a paralenz bc they aren't a vendor.

    I simply sent my videos to one vendor who was skeptical... Funny, I've never heard back!

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