What is the Auto turn off function?




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    What is the sequence of turning on, the automatic on, when diving,?.

    do you need to switch camera on ? Or does it switch on automatically at desired depth.

    Or do you turn the switch to video and leave it in this position without turning on the camera on first ?.

    had setting to start video automatically but camera did not record anything.


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    Thomas S.

    When auto record is switched on the camera must be turned to video mode for the auto record feature to work. 

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    While in video mode using firmware 1.32, are you seeing your videos ending at precisely 10 minutes and resuming with a new filename doing this every 10 minutes of video?

    I'm wondering if this auto-stop feature is now a bug that stops the video if the camera controls have not been touched for 10 minutes "while its recording"?

    Have you guys tried to record a video longer than 10 minutes?????

    Does it get broken up into several videos or can you record one long video longer than 10 minutes?

    I could before updating to 1.32 but not now.

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    Thomas S.

    Hi Windstrings

    I'm not entire sure what you mean. But as I understand it you are talking about the videos being split after approximately 10 minutes or by a maximum file size, this it intentional and have been present in the camera from the initial firmware. It's not related to the auto turn off feature.

    You can read about video segmentation here: https://support.paralenz.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000631789 


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    It says "oops
    You're not authorized to access this page
    Take me back to the home page".
    Wow, if so, that one slipped by me, I never realized the time limit was in place.

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    I did a search with the article # you provided and it only takes me to the auto turn off feature that turns the camera off after 10 minutes to preserve battery

    Do you have a link I can access from the internet?

    You are probably in your company network on "intra - net" but the web is my limitation.

    Btw, YouTube now has removed their video size upload limitations.

    Shouldn't the time limit be a choice?
    I can understand if concerns of the camera crashing and losing many minutes of video are a concern but seems the camera is stable now.

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    Thomas S.

    Sorry for that. The link should work now. 

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    Thank you Sir!
    I wasn't astute enough to even notice that was in place.

    Not a bad idea in case of battery failure etc.

    Now I'll have to research some editing software that doesn't cost a fortune that can merge without loss...... A necessary consideration if I want a movie or to capture the whole dive under one viewing.


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