How do I connect the Paralenz Dive Camera with the Paralenz Dive App?




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    Marco van Es

    I still might have a problem.

    I ensured the new camera is equipped with the latest firmware 1.3.2 before connecting to the Android app.
    The WiFi of a smartphone connects immediately to the camera but the app, lacking of any kind of bugtracking, refuses consequently to connect to the camera, leaving me with the error message "camera could not connect".

     This renders the app and my purposes of the camera useless. Please help.

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    I have the same problem as Marco. Please help

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    abby dictado

    same here

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    Marco van Esfbarbagallo and abby dictado:

    What smartphones are you using and what operating system are they on?

    You should also make sure to use one of the recommended SD-cards. The write and read speed of the SD-card in the camera is paramount when trying to connect to the camera. Even if your SD-cards are made by SanDisk, they're not necessarily rated U3, the SanDisk Ultra is an example of this.

    Please also note that Samsung SD-cards are not supported by the Paralenz Camera.

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    Hey Nikolai,

    Thank your for your answer. I have already checked all your questions with Adrianna Dudek from Paralenz. 

    Just to keep the thread going and keep everyone informed:

    1. I have latest Android version and a Note8.
    2. I am using a SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC, Class 10, U3, V30, A1 - 64 GB which according to Adrianna and the link you provided, is good to go.
    3. I also always try to connect the camera without the endcap.

    So she told me that at this point there's not much to do other than wait for the latest firmware where they are apparently solving the connectivity issues. She told me "I was told that there is new update coming this week!" and "You should wait for the update of the app where the issues should be solved.".

    Hope this is correct so that we can all start enjoying our Paralenz 100%.

    Hope this helps.

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    Marco van Es


    I use both Motorola G3 and G4, both completely up to date. 
    Reccommended Sandisk SD Card was included in the deal by Jacob himself by handing over the camera in person.

    I don't like to put on pressure but my diving trip starts 28th of may and I don't know what to do anymore.
    Will there be a Windows app for reading the divelog soon? 

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